Cornhill Direct: Drivers 'hit and run'

04 November 2005
Almost half of motorists would not hang around if they damaged someone else's car, says insurance company Cornhill Direct .

The law requires drivers of vehicles to leave their details behind if they hit an unattended car, but half of all motorists say they have come back to find their car damaged - and no contact details for the person who should foot the bill for the repairs.

Cornhill Direct says many owners who cannot afford to pay for the damage are forced to make a claim to their insurance company, thus losing their no claims bonus.

Ian Firth from Cornhill Direct says the only choice people have is to go to the Motor Insurers Bureau for help, something which can take a very long time and could still cost the victim money

He said: "Comprehensively insured motorists can claim on their own policy but many will risk losing their no claims discount.

"For the 20 per cent of policyholders who are not comprehensively insured, they have little choice but to go to the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) for compensation.

"The MIBs investigations can take some while to complete and the innocent motorist will also have to pay a £300 excess."

The survey found people in the north-west were the least neighbourly - only 44 per cent said they would leave their contact details behind if they bashed an unattended car.

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