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Cornhill Direct tells cyclists to sharpen up safety practice

06 July 2007
As London prepares to host the start of the Tour de France, amateur cyclists have confessed they do not always put safety first, according to Cornhill Direct.

Almost half of cyclists admitted they ride on the pavement, which can prove a hazard to pedestrians, while one in five said they had jumped a red light, putting themselves at risk as well as fellow road users.

Shockingly, bike riders were blasé about their own safety, with half of the people interviewed saying they did not wear a helmet.

Yet the risks of cycling, especially on busy roads, should not be underestimated, Cornhill Direct warned, with almost seven in ten cyclists having fallen off their bike and more than one in eight of those having been knocked off the saddle by another vehicle.

Cycle insurance should cover cyclists for any accident they themselves may suffer, Cornhill Direct advises, as well as offering personal liability cover in case they damage someone else's property.

"If a cyclist were to injure someone they could face a bill of tens of thousands of pounds," spokesman Mark Bishop warned.

Meanwhile, getting injured and being unable to work could cause acute financial distress to cyclists' families, he said.

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