DOC insurance 'standard', says Direct Line

17 October 2005
Direct Line has decided to offer its Driving Other Cars (DOC) insurance cover as standard on all of its car insurance policies.

Despite the fact that many insurers are actually removing the cover, Direct Line says that since many people assume it comes as standard, they will continue to offer the policy.

A spokesperson for Direct Line said: "We don’t want to leave our customers stuck if they are in an emergency situation and so we will continue to provide our customers with cover."

Other insurers have removed the DOC cover because they feel it contributes to uninsured driving.

Direct Line argues that the cover is necessary for motorists who want to use other vehicles or when car owners need someone else to drive their car in an emergency situation.

Under Direct Line's new policy, any driver who is hit by the driver of an uninsured car keeps their no claims discount and is not required to pay any policy excess.

AA car insurance also announced this month that it is to keep its DOC car insurance policy.

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