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Daring over-50s fail to take out insurance

23 December 2005
Even though increasing numbers of Britain's over-50s are prepared to embark on more adventure holidays than before, many of them are reluctant to take out travel insurance to protect themselves - or their costly breaks.

Saga Travel Insurance found one in ten over 50s take part in extreme sports like snowboarding while on holiday.

A spokesperson for Saga said: "Today's over 50s are more prepared than ever before to learn a new skill and take on demanding and physically challenging pursuits.

"Our advice to anyone planning a holiday is to ensure that insurance is in place as soon as you have booked your holiday."

However, four in ten fail to take travel insurance out until the last minute, meaning that if their break is cancelled they will not be covered.

Saga has decided to increase its winter sports cover to include snowboarding, sledging, snow mobiling and off-piste skiing to encourage daring over-50s to take out insurance.

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