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Diamond's car insurance for women stops garages taking them for a ride

15 May 2009 / by Rachael Stiles
Diamond, the specialist car insurance provider for women, has launched a new feature of its policy which will remove the risk of women getting taken for a ride by garages because they lack mechanical knowledge.

The Diamond's Best Friends Garage Network service offers to manage MOTs, servicing, repairs, even dropping the car off at the garage, taking care of the maintenance process from start to finish.

Women can now avoid dealing with garages at all because the service includes getting a quote, making a booking, taking the payment and even picking up the car and delivering it at the garage on their behalf.

This new service, which is included free of charge with Diamond car insurance, will put female drivers' minds at rest, the insurance provider says, and means they will no longer have to worry about getting ripped off by dishonest garages which might take advantage of their lack of car know-how.

In order to join and remain a member of the Diamond Best Friends Garage Network, each member must meet strict standards, which are regularly monitored.

The network of garages only uses parts which have a 12 month/12,000 mile guarantee, and with prices which are set by the network rather than by individual garages.

"This free service will provide Diamond customers with access to quality car maintenance services all year long," said Diamond car insurance managing director Sian Lewis, commenting on the new service. "The Best Friends Garage Network will mean that Diamond customers may never have to deal directly with a garage again - a benefit I'm sure many women will appreciate," she added.

As part of the women's car insurance policy from Diamond, customers are also entitled to discounts on MOTs, servicing and repairs, and their car can be returned to them having been cleaned inside and out.

Ms Lewis concluded: "Along with our Handbag Cover and Babyseat Cover, the Best Friends Garage Network allows us to provide an all round car insurance product that's tailored specifically for the modern woman."

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