Direct Line: 1m drivers swerve losing licence

02 April 2007
More than a million Britons are just one point away from a ban on driving, Direct Line car insurance has warned.

While 4.5 million drivers in the UK confessed to having points on their licence for speeding, one in five of those are facing a driving ban if they incur one more conviction.

"With the advent of speed cameras and the introduction of points for being caught for driving using a mobile phone, we urge motorists not to break the law," said Direct Line motor spokesperson Emma Holyer.

But she called for the introduction of a graduated penalty points system which would be softer on drivers who exceed speeding restrictions by less than ten miles per hour.

The graduated system, which is unsurprisingly supported by 75 per cent of motorists, is under consideration from government after research revealed that nearly half of drivers convicted for speeding were less than ten mph over the limit.

Under current provisions, drivers who acquire 12 points on their license within three years are subject to a six-month road ban.

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