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Direct Line Home Insurance: protect what you purchase

05 January 2007
Direct Line Home Insurance has warned shoppers to make sure they extend their home insurance cover to factor in new sales purchases.

One third of respondents to a Direct Line survey said they planned to buy valuable electronic goods such as music players and laptops when they hit the Christmas sales, spending up to £5.5 billion in total.

Almost half of Britons (45 per cent) saved in 2006 in order to spend substantial sums in the January sales, the insurer's research found.

Two thirds of Britons (31 million people) hit the shops in the New Year for January sales, according to Halifax Card Services, with 38 per cent of New Year sales shoppers spending at least £50.

Although home burglary rates are down in recent years, taking measures to secure the home still significantly reduces the chances of becoming a victim.

The Crime in England and Wales report for 2004-05 found that only 36 per cent of burglary victims had window locks compared to 83 per cent of the general public, suggesting that these precautions act as an effective deterrent.

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