Direct Line Insurance: UK dogs stressed out

31 October 2005
The busy lifestyles of British dog owners are making their pets ill, says Direct Line Pet Insurance.

Britain's dogs are so stressed that over half have symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhoea and loss of fur, according to a survey by the insurance provider.

Direct Line Pet Insurance says the stress occurs because owners are simply too busy to spend time with their beloved doggy pals.

The survey revealed one in ten owners only spend half and hour a week playing with their dogs or taking them for a walk.

Direct Line Pet Insurance business manager, Chris Price, says that UK dog owners should make sure they have adequate pet insurance, or they will be left to foot the pricey vet's bill for their stressed out pooch.

He said: "With the average annual cost of conventional treatment coming in at £350, treating a dog for stress and its symptoms can be expensive."

"For peace of mind and to avoid large veterinary bills, pet owners should consider taking out insurance," he added.

According to canine charity Dogs Trust, almost 8,000 dogs were abandoned by their owners last year and had to be destroyed by local authorities.

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