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Direct Line: Rural speed limits 'too high'

07 August 2006
Rural speed limits should come down from 60mph to 40mph, according to Direct Line.

The company – which provides car insurance – reports that 15,000 fatal accidents occur each year on rural roads, accounting for two thirds of all motoring deaths.

A fifth of all drivers surveyed by Direct Line admitted to having a near-miss while driving on country roads.

Emma Holyer, motoring spokesperson for the insurance provider, said: "The majority of motorists on the country roads in summer are likely to be unfamiliar with them and they can be extremely dangerous.

"We're calling on the government to reduce the speed limit from 60mph to 40mph as we feel the current speed limit is too fast for narrow rural lanes."

Direct Line also said that a quarter of rural drivers admit to regularly breaking the speed limit.

However, motoring groups – including the Safe Speed campaign and the Association of British Drivers – have rejected Direct Line's calls, arguing that the new limit would not necessarily reduce the number of crashes.

But the car insurance company insists that the lower limit would genuinely help to save lives.

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