Direct Line announces multi-policy discount

14 February 2006
Those insuring more than two cars may be able to benefit from a new discount being launched by Direct Line.

Customers will receive a ten per cent cut for every additional policy – up to a maximum of ten.

This discount would mean that a family of four each driving their own cars could receive 40 per cent off their insurance policy.

Direct Line's discount also applies to non-relatives living at the same address and motorists who are named drivers on another Direct Line policy, no matter where they live.

"It doesn't seem to matter how much it costs to buy and keep a second car, Brits still love them," said Emma Holyer, motor spokesperson for Direct Line.

"We have turned into a nation of car fanatics foregoing fun activities in order to get our next set of flashy wheels."

She added that the traditional two-car household is now more likely to have three or four vehicles, with the costs of keeping them running into thousands of pounds.

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