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Direct Line highlights holiday insurance claim fraud

15 April 2005
Direct Line Travel Insurance has revealed that almost a fifth (19 per cent) of British holidaymakers made false claims on their travel insurance last year.

Of those, more than one in ten inflated the value of their claim and five per cent claimed for items that had not really been lost or stolen.

The most popular item for false claims were cameras, which made up 27 per cent of the fraudulent applications; clothes and cash followed at 13 per cent and the loss or damage of jewellery, designer sunglasses and gadgets such as iPods and MP3 players were the fraudulent claims made by one in ten holidaymakers.

Direct Line's research found that men were more likely to make a false claim than women, with almost a quarter of male travellers (21 per cent) committing travel insurance fraud compared with 17 per cent of women.

"The results of our research are disturbing and it's worrying to see how many dishonest claims are made," comments Chris Price of Direct Line.

"We would urge people to think twice before carrying out insurance fraud though as it ultimately affects the price all policyholders pay for their travel insurance."

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