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Direct Line home insurance offers advice to weather-struck Brits

16 November 2009 / by Rachael Stiles

Direct Line home insurance has said that it is ready to deal with an influx of claims and calls for help from those homeowners affected by the severe weather conditions currently sweeping across the UK.

The home insurance provider is also issuing advice about how homeowners can help to keep their homes safe from damage, and to those who are not so lucky.

Some of the measures homeowners can take to protect their homes include keeping drains and gutters free of leaves so that the rain water can drain away, placing electrical goods and items of value in high cupboards to protect them from flood water, and ensuring outdoor furniture and plants pots are stored in sheds or garages to prevent them floating away.

Other things they can do include keeping important documents in a watertight bag in an accessible place where they can reach them in an emergency – such as important phone numbers and insurance documents so that the homeowner can make a claim for any damage.

Direct Line also urges households to have an evacuation plan in place, so that they can get their family safely out of the house if flooding occurs, turning off the electricity as they go to avoid electrocution or fire.

If flooding does occur, Direct Line home insurance customers can rest assured that Direct Line will deploy emergency teams to help cope with the damage and it will authorise repairs and, if necessary, alternative accommodation.

Commenting on the current conditions, Andrew Lowe, head of Direct Line home insurance, said: "We're keeping a close eye on the weather forecasts across the UK, so that we can be ready to assist any customers who may need our help.

"We have added extra members of staff to help cope with an anticipated increase in the number of calls from our customers, and to make sure that we can deal with these calls quickly and efficiently. We aim to help our customers get back to normal as quickly as possible and with the least amount of inconvenience. We hope the situation improves, but if it does not we are fully prepared to take further measures to help those customers who may be affected."

Those homeowners who are affected by flooding or storm damage should contact their insurance company, take photographs of any damage, and should not throw away any ruined belongings before discussing it with their insurer.

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