Direct Line: home insurance warning for exotic weddings

16 March 2006
Couples heading into a life of marital bliss together are being warned to make sure their home insurance covers their expensive wedding gifts.

And with around a quarter of people jetting off on holiday before they tie the knot, it's a good idea to calculate the new value of home contents before the big day.

Research from Direct Line Home Insurance found that two per cent of people, around 43,000, came back from their honeymoon to find they had been the victims of a break-in.

And with the average advance wedding gift list worth some £1,739, it isn't the best way to set off on married life.

The number of couples opting for a ceremony overseas has actually risen 15 per cent over the past ten years, predicted to increase by two per cent again in the next two years.

Approximately 24 per cent of respondents got married abroad in the past two years, spending some £1.7 billion between them.

The lure of the sun and a longer holiday were two of the main reasons given, but over a quarter also relished the thought of escaping irritating relatives for their big day.

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