Direct Line says holidaymakers are losing out

11 September 2006
Around 12 per cent of Brits have had personal possessions worth in excess of £500 stolen while abroad in the last three years.

Research from Direct Line Travel Insurance shows that a similar proportion have simply lost items worth the same amount, as a result of classic holiday carelessness.

Clothes seem to be lost more than any other possessions, with 28 per cent mislaying items from their wardrobe in the past. Around 23 per cent have lost sunglasses while on holiday and 20 per cent have mislaid their camera.

Unsurprisingly, most people (19 per cent) leave their belongings in their hotel room when they had back to the airport, although many (16 per cent) have left things in the departure lounge and on the beach (15 per cent).

Having items stolen while holidaying is much less common although it tends to be more expensive, with thieves going for money, purses and wallets and credit cards. Interestingly, one in four victims of theft actually had items taken from their hotel room.

The vast majority of holidaymakers (66 per cent) were unable to replace the items that went missing or were stolen, with 11 per cent saying that this was because of a lack of insurance.

Chris Price, business manager at Direct Line Travel Insurance, said: "The summer holiday is many people's largest annual purchase but it can be ruined by loss or theft. This can often be made worse by people being unable to replace the items upon their return home because they had not taken out travel insurance.

"We would advise all holidaymakers to protect themselves by taking simple, sensible precautions and by making sure they are insured against any loses in case the worst happens."

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