Direct Line urges drivers on car insurance

03 October 2005 / by None
Over 60 per cent of motorists have had their car vandalised at some time, according to new research by insurance company Direct Line.

Vandalism costs £1.3 billion every year, at an average cost of £267 per incident, making car insurance an important investment, according to the company.

A spokesperson for Direct Line said: "Direct Line deals with many vandalism claims every year for our customers and it’s a growing concern for all car owners.

"Many motorists believe this type of crime only happens in inner cities or car parks whereas your car is actually most at risk parked in a quiet dark street away from any street lamps."

Of the car owners surveyed, almost a quarter thought that vandalism was worst in London, followed by Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow.

Over half of motorists were afraid to park their cars in multi-storey car parks and train stations because they were afraid their cars would be vandalised.

The most common damage was being 'keyed', with over half of motorists finding their cars damaged in this way, followed by smashed windows and bent antennaes.

Under new rules announced this week, it will be an offence to own an uninsured car unless drivers can produce a Statutory Off Road Notification.

Insurance experts estimate that accidents involving uninsured drivers cost almost half a billion pounds a year, with insured drivers paying up to £30 extra in annual premiums to cover uninsured drivers.

Direct Line offers a ten per cent discount on car insurance for customers buying online.

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