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Direct Line warns travel insurance customers over disclosing conditions

06 July 2007
Holidaymakers with pre-existing health conditions must be honest with insurers when they buy travel cover, a spokesperson for Direct Line has stressed.

If customers omit or forget to disclose their condition to their insurer, perhaps because they fear they will have to pay more for their insurance in the first instance, they expose themselves to the risk of not being covered while they travel, warned the insurer's public relations manager, Carmel McCarthy.

"If you did fall ill while you were abroad, you wouldn't have the right cover in place," she explained.

Holidaymakers in the US could have most to lose, she added, given the high cost of private medial treatment on the other side of the Atlantic.

Ms McCarthy denied, however, that holidaymakers' concerns about disclosing conditions could stem from worries about paying more, underlining the competitiveness of Direct Line's cover for all conditions.

Her comments came as BUPA warned that Britons tended to overestimate the state of their health, with only a third rating themselves as having a 'poor' level of fitness in spite of the fact that over a half said they did little exercise.

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