Dog owners urged to get pet insurance as care totals £1.5 billion a year

15 October 2007
The 55 per cent of dog owners who don’t have pet insurance are resorting to other measures of paying for the £1.5 million in medical care for their dogs, according to Direct Line Pet Insurance.

There are approximately 11 million dog owners in Britain, about half of which are being left out of pocket when their pooch needs medical treatment because they have not protected their dog’s health with pet insurance - 22 per cent have actually struggled to meet the costs.

Many dog owners have risked their own financial security, putting their pet’s needs before their own. Raiding savings has been the method used by 18 per cent of dog owners to pay for their pet’s care, nine per cent have put off paying household bills, eight per cent have borrowed money from friends or relatives and 17 per cent have delayed getting their pet the treatment it needs because they couldn’t afford it.

Chris Price, Head of Direct Line Pet Insurance, said: “When a pet gets ill the cost of treatment can add up quickly, so it is important to make sure that you have a plan in place to cover the bills.

“Pet insurance is the easiest way to give you peace of mind. You know the cost will be covered and you won’t have to go dipping into savings or making sacrifices to see your pet back to full health,” he said.

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