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Don’t let your four legged friend become obese, warns Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance

25 July 2007
Pet obesity is becoming a serious problem, affecting more than a third of British cats and dogs, according to new research from Sainsbury’s Bank.

The survey by Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance estimates that 2.72 million dogs and 2.87 million cats are suffering from obesity, and research from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy has found that more than 80% of physiotherapists think this could be the number one health risk to dogs.

Almost two thirds of physiotherapists blame the obesity situation primarily on a lack of exercise and overfeeding, and Claire Moyles, manager of Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance, warns pet owners to be aware of the detrimental affect that this can have on their pet’s health.

“Many pet owners may like to treat their animals with food and snacks intended for human consumption, but they must be aware of the detrimental effect this can have on their pet’s health.” she said. “Treats such as chocolate can not only lead to obesity but when ingested in large amounts can even have serious effects on an animal’s pancreas and heart.”

“Overfed, obese animals often suffer from diabetes, osteoarthritis and other conditions that require a long-term course of veterinary treatment and their life expectancy can also be reduced dramatically.”

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