Don't let your car get 'frosted', says Sainsbury's Bank

22 February 2005
De-icing the car on freezing winter mornings is a pain for motorists as it is, but Sainsbury's Bank has issued a warning concerning a different kind of frosting.

The bank is urging motorists to be on their guard against opportunistic thieves practising 'frosting'- taking advantage of motorists who leave the keys in the ignition with the door open and engine running to defrost the car.

Research by Sainsbury's Bank suggests that as many as 27,000 cars could be stolen as a result of frosting this year.

"Cars are becoming more difficult to steal thanks to advanced security systems, locks and immobilisers. Car thieves will always find a way however and opportunists will be keeping an eye out for cars that are left running and unattended during this cold spell," Joanne Mallon, car insurance manager at Sainsbury's Bank, explains.

"Our research indicates that over the past five years up to 135,000 motorists could have fallen victim to frosting."

The bank advises never to leave the car unattended with the keys in the ignition and to check your motor insurance is up to date.

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