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Don't skimp on travel insurance

08 February 2006
Snowboarders may be less likely than skiers to be injured in accidents, but all should still be covered, says AA Travel Insurance.

A recent study revealed that snowboarders have lower medical claims and are less likely to seriously injure themselves, but AA Travel Insurance says this is not an excuse to dodge insurance costs.

Alison Crossley, head of AA Travel Insurance, said: "It is essential to insure yourself against these costs, in case the worst happens.

"AA Travel Insurance including winter sports cover, provides up to £10 million for medical expenses as well as cover for equipment hire, lost lift passes, ski school expenses, piste closure and up to £2 million personal liability insurance if you injure anyone else on the slopes and they claim against you."

Ms Crossley says that as flights become cheaper, ski slopes are becoming accessible to more and more people, resulting in frequent accidents. This is pushing up the price of ski slope rescues in the event of an emergency, making failing to take out travel insurance even more of a gamble.

"Treatment for a sprained ankle can cost anything between £100 to £1000 depending on which country you are in," warns Ms Crossley.

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