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Drivers 'will have 9 accidents in their lifetimes'

24 January 2006
British motorists will be involved in nine car accidents, according to new research by a motor insurance company.

There are 3.9 million car accidents annually in the UK, which amounts to an accident every six and a half years for each motorist.

This is according to research by Churchill motor insurance, which reveals that 7.4 car accidents take place each minute on British roads.

And its research might also allude to the fact that men are in fact better drivers than their female counterparts.

Men crash every seven years and one month, while women have an accident every six years and seven months, Churchill calculates.

"People will be surprised at how frequently they need to make a car insurance claim over their lifetime, which highlights the need for comprehensive insurance," said Darren McCauley.

"Car accidents are one of the less enjoyable things about being a driver, but it's inevitable that you will have to make a claim at some point."

Mr McCauley said that no matter how competent a driver you are, you cannot avoid accidents such as people hitting your parked car or "an object hitting your windscreen causing its repair or replacement".

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