Drivers warned of bald tyre dangers

14 August 2007
Motorists in the UK have been warned of the risk involved in taking to the road with bald tyres.

A bald tyre - also known as a slick - is one without tread and can be a real threat to road safety, according to TyreSafe.

The organisation stated that the problem can sometimes double stopping distances and cause skids.

And it added that 12 per cent of cars on the road have at least one defective tyre - something that may have an affect on car insurance policies.

"TyreSafe advises that motorists check their tyres visually every week, and more thoroughly on a monthly basis. The organisation also recommends that drivers should never delay replacing a defective tyre," the company commented.

Meanwhile, an importer in the US has recalled 250,000 Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber company tyres after concerns were raised over their efficiency.

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