Drivers warned over bad habits

20 June 2006
Motorists in the UK are being warned of the various consequences of bad habits and dangerous driving.

New research from Sainsbury's Car Insurance has revealed that some 76 per cent of drivers in Britain have been potentially dangerous while driving at some point in the last month.

The bad habits respondents admitted to included getting in the car when tired, with 38 per cent having done so, as well as 31 per cent who confessed to eating and drinking while behind the wheel.

Richard Clark of Sainsbury's Bank said: "Motorists should think carefully about their driving habits as many may not have considered the dangers.

"Driving after drinking just one alcoholic drink for example. The Department of Transport advises that just the one could be too much as it’s impossible to calculate your own alcohol limit."

Other habits uncovered by the survey included driving barefoot and sending text messages while on the road.

Apart from the obvious dangers of such bad driving habits, having accidents can also push insurance premiums up.

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