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Dundee is UK's car-friendliest city

19 July 2007
The Scottish town of Dundee is the most car-friendly place in the UK for the second year in a row, according to a new survey.

Virgin Money's poll took into consideration criteria such as petrol prices, cost and availability of parking, the number of speed cameras and levels of car crime and saw Dundee beat off the competition to put Aberdeen in second place and Telford third.

Ipswich and Dudley completed the top five ranking, while Cardiff was named last. The Welsh capital was put in 64th position, after Nottingham, London, Leeds and Slough.

It seems the parking setup in Dundee played a significant part in its top ranking, as it has the cheapest car parking and also a high number of spaces in proportion to the population.

Cardiff's lack of car parks and high levels of vehicle crime were to blame for its low ranking, according to the survey.

Jason Wyer-Smith of Virgin Money Car Insurance commented on the findings and said that drivers' experience varies widely across the UK.

"Every motorist will have their own definition of driving hell, whether it's hunting for a parking space, being stuck in a traffic jam or being caught by a speeding camera for a momentary lapse," he said.

"Our research attempts to show which cities and towns are best and worst for drivers."

A recent report by Direct Line found that Westminster is the most expensive place to park in the UK, where charges are £7.99 for two hours.

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