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Easter Brits eager to escape the chilly isles

23 March 2007
With warmer weather on the horizon, many Britons' minds are turning to the Easter break and their prospects for European travel – but preparation is key to successful sojourns abroad for both long- and short-term stays, market analysts insist.

Although over 3.1 million Britons transport their cars across the Channel each year, more than one in ten holidaymakers has suffered vehicle breakdown while abroad, American Express warns – making comprehensive cover critical.

Without proper cover, recovering the damage to your vehicle can cost you up to £2,000, the insurer argues, once you factor in the cost of repairs, repatriation and alternative accommodation if you're stranded a distance from your campsite or hotel.

Meanwhile, Britons looking to a longer-term commitment who hope to buy a property in Spain will need to make sure they comply with local regulations by obtaining their 'Número de Identificación de Extranjero' (NIE), Halifax has advised.

This identification number for non residents is a precondition for property purchase, setting up utilities and validating an EU driving licence.

It also takes up to six weeks to come through – making early planning for your escape from these chilly isles a must.

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