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Elephant Car Insurance warns: don't let your Christmas presents be a gift for thieves

06 December 2006

Christmas is the season of opportunity for car thieves, warns car insurance specialist During November and December, people tend to leave valuable Christmas shopping on view in their vehicles, and this is an open invitation for car crooks.

Car crime already accounts for 1 in 5 recorded offences in the UK, but during the festive period, says it sees a huge increase in the number of thefts, with a 13% rise recorded in the run up to Christmas 2005.

"We may like to think of Christmas as the season of goodwill, but for thieves it is the season of opportunity," said Ceri Assiratti, MD of,. "People are busy and have a lot to do to prepare for Christmas, so their minds may not be on the security of their cars."

But, says, there are steps you can take to avoid becoming a victim of Christmas car theft:

1. try not to store anything valuable in your car, especially if it is on view

2. park in a well-lit car park that has staff on duty and security cameras

3. Use the parcel shelf to cover the boot

4. don’t leave anything -even empty plastic bags or jackets - on view, they could be a temptation to thieves

Ms Assiratti continued: "We all should be much more careful about leaving valuables in our cars throughout the year, but especially as Christmas approaches."

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