Endsleigh finds Bradford accident hotspot

05 December 2006
In a new report from a leading insurer, Britain's towns and cities have been ranked from the safest to the riskiest, in terms of motor accidents and theft, with Bradford proving to be the nation's accident blackspot.

The Motor Cities 2006 report from Endsleigh Insurance found that the motorists of Bradford, Ilford and inner London faced the greatest risk of accident across the UK while driving.

While Bradford residents are 36 per cent more likely to have a road accident, the least risky of the UK's towns and cities for drivers were Belfast, Swansea and Cambridge.

Endsleigh's Tim Larden said: "There are a large number of positive initiatives that local councils and police services are implementing to address road safety."

Mr Larden said that congestion charging, drink driving campaigns and speed cameras were all playing a part in reducing traffic accidents across the UK.

And the research indicates that other traffic-calming and speed-cutting measures are also successfully bringing accident numbers down.

Endsleigh's research found that the nation's auto theft hot spot was Hull. It calculated that the city posted an annual car crime figure that was 126.1 per cent above the national average.

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