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Esure advises drivers to prepare for delays and breakdowns

25 May 2007
Being well prepared can help drivers cope with unexpected difficulties such as breakdowns as well as the anticipated hassles of travel over a bank holiday weekend, have claimed.

With 15.2 million Britons planning to travel across the country over the bank holiday weekend, delays are inevitable, the insurer warned.

Average delays for the 5.6 million motorists taking to the roads are expected to top 45 minutes while one million rail passengers will face delays of around one hour 20 minutes each, it estimated.

"Both people and engines' temperatures often rise in traffic jams causing emotional and mechanical breakdowns en route," commented's head of risk, Mike Pickard.

Comprehensive insurance is a must-have for any journey, he explained, in case precautionary measures to ward off an accident or breakdown fail.

Meanwhile, a recent review of motor insurance advertising from the watchdog, the Financial Services Authority, found that insurers across the board have improved the accuracy of their publicity material.

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