Expat health insurance urged for Brits abroad

19 July 2007
Britons leaving UK shores in order to live abroad or spend extended periods in foreign climes have been urged to ensure they have health insurance in place.

A spokesperson for Bupa International, the global division of UK health organisation Bupa, explained that moving abroad is an "eventful" time with lots to take into consideration.

Thomas Flygare said when you have to learn new things and adapt to another culture or language, "the last thing you want to worry about is your health".

For this reason, Bupa International recommends people take out health insurance in order to give them "peace of mind" that they will have access to the best treatments as well as transport back to the UK.

Mr Flygare noted that it is particularly expensive if an uninsured person falls ill in the US. However, in some countries it is not so much the cost but the quality of care that is a worry for some.

"Even though the quality of health care is improving fast almost everywhere around the world, there are places where the standards are not as high as you may be used to," the spokesperson added.

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