Expats love the weather but miss Only Fools and Horses

30 November 2007
Nine out of ten of Brits living abroad say they would recommend their expat lifestyle, but more than a third admit they miss their favourite TV shows and traditional British grub like bangers and mash and black pudding, according to a new survey by BUPA International.

BUPA is the world's largest expat insurer, and its survey looked at the lifestyles of people living outside of their home countries.

According to the data, 68 per cent of people set up life abroad because they believe it is a better way of life, with two thirds moving for the weather and more than half saying they are much happier and more relaxed since making the move.

But it is not all good – six in ten say they miss their friends and family and four in five don’t bother to learn the local language, making it much harder to fit, in. Nearly half of the people surveyed said they missed traditional food and 37 per cent said they wished they could still watch things like Only Fools and Horses on TV.

Tim Slee, Head of European Sales at BUPA International, said: “Moving abroad is a huge life-changing challenge and while our survey shows it’s a very successful move for most people, careful planning is essential.

“This is particularly the case when it comes to health and financial security, as foreign healthcare systems can be difficult to navigate, especially if you do not speak the local language. State-subsidised healthcare for expats can also be confusing, varying enormously from one country to another."

Mr Slee recommends private medical insurance for added peace of mind, saying it can help to "alleviate the financial strain at what is often a very stressful time, particularly when the individual is outside their home country.”

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