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Expensive bedroom items require comprehensive contents insurance

26 September 2007
With the average UK bedroom containing goods worth £4,000, a quarter of people consider the bedroom to be the most important room in the house, according to Abbey Home Insurance.

The company’s research found that 1.6 million people have invested more than £5,000 in bedroom improvements, and it is now warning householders to make sure their possessions are safeguarded by up-to-date contents insurance policies.

As a nation, the UK reportedly spends more than £13 million each year on bedrooms, and an incredible 1.26 million believe the bedroom contents are worth more than £10,000.

The most popular costly possessions found in the bedroom include TVs (29 million), collectors’ items (5.6 million people), antiques (3.1 million), exercise equipment (4.7 million) and computers (9.7 million).

More than half of respondents claimed their bedrooms contained more luxury goods than they did ten years ago.

Head of insurance marketing, Prasad Shastri, said: “With over a million people valuing the contents of their bedroom alone in excess of £10,000 it is vitally important that people check their insurance policy to ensure they are covered, including any additional cover they need for valuable items.”

Abbey recommends that customers avoid under insuring goods by finding a policy that has an unlimited sum insured.

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