Experian notes young wise up to used car hazards

01 June 2007
Young drivers are taking care when buying a used car, selecting a reliable model which could help them make later savings on car insurance, research from Experian has shown.

People aged between 18 and 24 are increasingly likely to buy a used car due to affordability issues, but they are careful about choosing a model which will stay the course, Experian Automotive's managing director Kirk Fletcher commented.

Cars aged between three and nine years old sold faster than other 'vintages' last year, suggesting that young people are opting for a vehicle that can go the extra mile without structural strain.

Meanwhile, young car buyers testified that condition was a more important consideration for them than it is for older buyers.

What is more, younger used-car buyers are likely to discuss their prospective model with peers, getting second opinions and establishing the reputation of the brand and model they are lining up.

Used car insurance represents a growing sector of the automobile insurance market, although Experian tracked a "slow, but definite shift towards more environmentally friendly cars" among used models sold last year.

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