Family travel insurance vital as babies holiday abroad more than ever

11 July 2008 / by Rachel Mason
More than a quarter of babies have been abroad at least four times, according to new research by

Though the so-called 'Saga generation' are making the most of their retirement by travelling all over the globe, it is youngsters that are the real jetsetters, kids under the age of 11 having done just as much travelling in their short lives as the over 60s.

And this is despite the fact that family travelling is getting more and more pricey – according to the latest figures from Abbey, rates for foreign holidays go up by 52 per cent during the school holidays.'s data revealed that 60 per cent of children under the age of three have already been abroad once, and 30 per cent have been abroad at least three times; 27 per cent of babies under six months of age have been abroad four times in stark contrast to a third of over 60s, who have never left British shores.

But, figures the show it's not a lack of wanting to travel that is holding the older generation back.

Seventy per cent say they wish they had travelled more – but many are worried that their travel insurance will not cover them if they were to fall ill while away from home, whereas families are clearly confident in their travel insurance, with many buying family travel insurance to cover themselves, their children and their many belongings while on foreign soil.

"Whilst a family with young children, planning on taking lots of gadgets and toys abroad, might need to pay more attention to the value of cover they take out, many travellers over 60 will need to pay closer attention to the cover an insurer will provide for pre-existing medical conditions, or perhaps the ability to cover a slightly longer break as opposed to your typical two week summer holiday," explains Steve Grainger, head of

"In the same way that people have grown used to shopping around for the right car or home insurance, its important to note that we all have different needs when it comes to travel insurance."

But, says Steven, while travel insurance needs for young families and older people are going to be very different, the same applies to everyone – get the right level of cover, because if something does happen when you are abroad and you are not covered, it could turn your holiday into a complete nightmare.

"Many of the people we've spoken to have told us they're concerned about what might happen to them if they fall ill abroad, and aren't confident their travel insurance will cover them should the worst happen," said Steve, but there are plenty of comprehensive travel insurance options out there, many of which not only cover medical bills and the holiday itself, including cancellation but also lost luggage and legal expenses.

You can also get different types of cover, including single trip travel insurance for a one off, annual travel insurance, which makes sure you are covered, wherever you go, all year round, as well as special travel insurance for ski trips and other sports breaks, due to the added value of equipment and higher risk of injury. Compare travel insurance to find the best cover for your needs.

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