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Female drivers failing to shop

15 March 2006
Women could save more on their car insurance premiums by shopping around more thoroughly and comparing prices, according to Sainsbury's Bank.

Instead, many are assuming they are getting the best deal available because their car insurance premiums are cheaper than the men in their lives.

However, Sainsbury's is reminding women that their car insurance will always be cheaper than men's because they are regarded as safer drivers on balance - and therefore lower risk.

The average female driver's car insurance premium in January this year was a whole £61 cheaper than the average male's, £416 compared with £477.

By failing to research the market thoroughly, women could therefore be missing out on additional savings on top of this general gender difference.

Will Blackett, car insurance manager, said: "Male drivers account for the majority of motoring convictions and young male motorists for example, cause considerably more accidents than similarly aged female drivers.

"It’s a given that all insurers take this into account and generally provide cheaper quotes to women than men.

"Women motorists need to be aware that these savings can vary dramatically and should seek a range of quotes - not just from their existing insurer or women only policies."

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