First Alternative reveals kids learn driving habits from parents

24 June 2005
There may not be a driving gene as such, but research from First Alternative suggests that driving habits can be passed from parent to child.

The insurer's Mum, Dad and Driving survey, published yesterday, reveals that fathers are particularly likely to teach their children certain habits.

More than two-thirds of drivers believe they have picked up their Dad's mannerisms at the wheel, with crossing hands on the steering wheel topping the poll.

Fathers can also help their children learn safe driving habits, the research suggests - four out of ten fathers appear to have taught their kids safe driving, compared with only two out of ten mothers.

"We don't claim to have discovered the driving gene but it's clear from this research that example plays a strong part in shaping people's driving behaviour," commented Colin Batabyal, chief executive of First Alternative.

"It's never too early for parents to set a good example with their driving and we believe that the more conscious parents become of the effect of their driving on their children the better. This way, two generations of drivers can potentially become safer at the same time."

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