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First Direct extends travel money offer

12 October 2005
First Direct has announced this week that it is extending its online commission and fee-free travel money offer to until the end of January 2006.

The new currency service, which was launched in June, offers a competitive exchange rate and next day delivery for their cash and traveller's cheques.

The offer coincides with recent research by financial comparison website which found that almost half of holidaymakers fail to shop around for the best deal on travel money - at a cost of £976 million.

A spokesperson for First Direct said: "With people in the UK taking over 61 million overseas trips each year, if every holidaymaker took time out to search for the best deal on their currency, the nation could save enough money to send EVERYONE living in Northumberland, Norfolk, East Sussex and Dorset on holiday!"

According to financial website, Brits spend an average of £19.6 billion on their credit cards when they go on holiday every year.

The price comparison website says that half of people cannot afford to pay their credit card bill in full each month and could save over £200 in interest by swapping to a 0 per cent credit card.

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