Flash floods worry insurance sector

17 May 2006
Insurance provider More Than has said that an increase in flash flooding is causing ripples of concern among the home insurance sector.

Traditionally, flooding is most common for housing adjacent to the sea or local rivers and is regarded as an expected risk of living in these areas. However, recent rises in unexpected flash floods mean that companies and individuals alike are looking more closely at their policies.

Jon Sellors, a spokesperson for More Than, had reassuring news: "Flood cover is standard in general house insurance, so most people will be covered."

However, he tempered this comment, adding that "the nature of flooding is changing".

Mr Sellors urged individuals to take greater precautions to protect against flooding, which would alleviate risks for those living in hazardous areas, as well as those for whom flooding was less of an immediate danger.

Fewer claims due to flash floods would also help to keep premiums low, the company said.

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