Friday 13th not so unlucky, says Barclays Home Insurance

12 July 2007
Tomorrow is Friday the 13th, a day traditionally known for being unlucky, but Barclays Home Insurance has carried out research that has shown home accidents actually decrease each year on Friday the thirteenth, compared to the number reported on other Fridays.

Since 2005, the number of claims made on Friday 13th to Barclays Home Insurance for such things as accidental damage, water damage, theft, and fire, has decreased by approximately 15% on average, compared to other Fridays in the year.

Mark Till, Product Director for Barclays Insurance, said: “As the figures show, this so-called unlucky day in fact seems to have been luckier for UK homeowners than most other days.

“Maybe it’s the threat of bad luck causing people to be more cautious and aware of potential accidents or perhaps it’s just that the myths are wrong and Friday 13th is not actually unlucky; our statistics would certainly seem to support that theory!”

The notion that Friday 13th is an unlucky day – known as Paraskavedekatriaphobia – has been around for at least a hundred years and is based in folklore that believes both Friday and the number 13 bring bad luck.

The tradition has led to the series of Friday The 13th horror films and the band Black Sabbath intentionally released their debut album on Friday 13th, 1970. People born on Friday the 13th include Fidel Castro, Margaret Thatcher and the Olsen twins.

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