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From eBay to Sainsbury's: it pays to be healthy

27 November 2007
Shopping on eBay or buying fresh fruit at Sainsbury's could help reduce private medical insurance premiums thanks to the latest range of Private Medical Insurance products to hit the market.

From reduced gym membership and point-earning for buying fresh fruit and vegetables at the local supermarket to purchasing sports equipment on eBay or wearing a pedometer, Private Medical Insurance (PMI) firms are going to extreme lengths get policy holders thinking about how to live a healthier lifestyle.

One such product is Prudential's latest offering - Pruhealth - which gives the consumer the opportunity to help look after their own health and manage their premiums through their new Vitality points scheme categorised by bronze, silver and gold status. Benefits include deals on gym membership and health screenings, however, if customers fail to keep up their healthy lifestyle, they risk losing their discounts.

Now the latest company to partner with Prudential's is eBay who will reward customers with Vitality points for purchasing fitness equipment from the online auction site's Sporting Goods category.

PruHealth and PruProtect customers must register their eBay ID on PruHealth’s online Member Zone to start earning points for their purchases. Members could be awarded up to 40 Vitality points when they buy eligible sporting goods listed on eBay that cost £5 or more. Points are allocated per auction, with members receiving 40 Vitality points per eligible purchase whether they spend £5 or £500 up to a maximum of 120 points per year on an individual policy, and 240 points per year on a family policy.

eBay joins PruHealth’s existing Vitality partners which include Boots, Virgin Active, Cannons, LA Fitness, Nuffield Proactive Health, Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking and Sainsbury’s.

Shaun Matisonn, PruHealth Chief Executive, explains: “We are delighted to have teamed up with eBay in such an innovative online deal where once again we are rewarding members for doing what they are already doing. Partnering with such a well known and frequently visited website means we have access to a wide customer base.

"Both companies are committed to offering customers access to PMI and to the Vitality scheme where points could turn into reduced premiums the following year. We believe this further supports our intention to improve health in the UK.”

While other policies do not offer the possibility of cashback or discounted premiums as Prudential, customers are required to maintain the healthy approach or risk undoing the good work, and losing their discounts.

"People need to know what they are capable of when taking out a PruHealth policy," says Samantha Knight of Chase Templeton, a private medical insurance policy. "Some people are too busy to go to the gym or know that they won't really be able to change their lifestyle, so they may never get beyond bronze status."

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