Fuel prices putting off drivers in droves

18 March 2006
Drivers are deserting the roads because of rising fuel prices, according to recent research.

A survey from More Than Car Insurance found that almost 12 million motorists had reduced their mileage over the last year, while a fifth said that they would seek alternative forms of transport if fuel rose to 100p a litre.

This number increased to 42 per cent of drivers if the cost of fuel was driven up to 150p.

Moreover, 16 per cent said they would look into the possibility of acquiring an electric or eco-friendly hybrid car if the trend persisted.

More Than estimates that fuel prices have risen by an average 11 per cent since last February, hitting 90p a litre one year on.

However, although More Than's David Pitt thought the hikes were having a "real impact on motorists' behaviour", he added there were some advantages to reducing mileage.

"An increase in the use of public transport will help cut down congestion and improve overall road safety," he said.

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