Gadget phenomenon creates home insurance risk

18 August 2005
The increasing popularity of hi-tech goods is having a huge impact on the value of home contents, according to a new study.

Esure estimates that the value of hi-tech contents in UK homes will increase by 60 per cent in the next ten years.

For pensioner households the value of these products in the home will rise by a massive 400 per cent by 2015, as couples with grown up children, who are the biggest spenders on household goods and gadgets, retire.

As a result of satellite navigation systems, MP3 players and laptops increasingly becoming everyday household items, homeowners are urged to regularly review their home contents insurance policies to avoid the risk of being underinsured.

Nikki Sellers, head of home insurance at, said: "As the list of must-have gadgets lengthens, the value of what’s inside all our homes is rising fast. And in this age of minaturisation, it’s important for expensive gizmos to be tucked away into drawers, cupboards and handbags, out of sight of burglars.

"But the danger is for homeowners to overlook these items when estimating the value of their contents - which could leave them under-insured and vulnerable if a burglar does strike."

The likelihood of being burgled is one in 24, making adequate home contents insurance a priority.

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