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Gap year travel insurance helps 'plug personal safety gap' Go compare with our comparison table

Gap year travel insurance helps 'plug personal safety gap'

31 August 2010 / by Rachael Stiles

Students who have just finished their A levels and are about to embark on a gap year should take some time to make sure they are properly prepared, including taking adequate travel insurance with them.

While gap year travellers spend hours deciding where to go, specialist insurance provider Hiscox urges them to consider ways of protecting their personal safety and keeping out of trouble while they are abroad.

Before they go, Hiscox suggests a few tips for preparation: investigate the health situation and ensuring they have had the required vaccinations; gain an understanding of local laws and customs to avoid a run in with the authorities; ensure necessary documents are carried and kept safe, taking along copies of important things like passports.

Hiscox recommends that travellers choose a comprehensive gap year travel insurance policy to cover a host of potential costs that can arise when abroad, such as medical expenses, lost or stolen passports, credit cards or other possessions.

Austyn Tusler, home and travel insurance expert at Hiscox, said: "For many gap year travellers, the real gap could be in their knowledge of how to keep safe while travelling in different countries. A gap year trip can be the experience of a lifetime but it needs to be remembered for the right reasons. Thousands of travellers set off with a backpack of clothes and possessions but have little idea about some of the simple precautions they can take to avoid becoming the victim of crime or falling foul of local laws and customs."

Mr Tusler has this advice for gap year travellers about to set off: "Safety should begin at home before leaving on the trip itself. By following some basic safety tips or going on a safety course, travellers can minimise the chances of getting into dangerous situations or being the victim of theft."

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