Gardeners urged to protect hard work with home insurance

25 August 2005
Gardeners are being advised to ensure that the fruits of their labours are not easy pickings for light-fingered thieves.

According to online home insurer, UK garden lovers spent more than £3.7 billion on their gardens over the last year.

Eight out of ten homeowners invested time, effort and money in their backyards, with one in ten spending at least £600 on accessories, flowers and shrubs, the insurer found.

Nikki Sellers, head of home insurance at, commented: "This investment needs protecting.

"Garden equipment, toys and bikes left out overnight are easy targets for opportunistic thieves. We should all get in the habit of locking up items in the house and making our gardens as secure as possible."

More than a third of garden lovers (32 per cent) were sitting pretty with new garden furniture, whilst just under one in three (31%) decorated their backyards with ornamental pots, discovered.

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