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HSBC advises insurance to make sure your diamonds are forever

10 February 2005
If you're thinking of popping the question this Valentine's Day, you might not have let thoughts of insurance burst your romantic bubble.

But home insurer HSBC is advising engaged couples take care to ensure their engagement ring is adequately insured.

Diamonds require large expenditure - Britons spent an estimated £3.9 million on engagement rings last year according to HSBC - so it's important you don't let them become a thief's best friend.

Most household insurers offer automatic cover for items worth up to £1500, but with many rings being worth significantly more than that - particularly family heirlooms or antiques - HSBC advises couples to get their rings valued and specified on their home insurance policy.

"It's easy to forget practicalities like insurance in the middle of romantic bliss," says Stephen Young, head of insurance at HSBC.

"If you want to avoid heartache, or a big bill, make time to check your insurance, then enjoy preparing for your big day."

HSBC also points out that if you often travel abroad, it's important to remember that rings may not automatically be covered: most insurance policies offer cover outside the home at an increased premium.

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