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HSBC promotes travel insurance offer

05 July 2005
As the UK remains nestled at the forefront of the European online travel market, HSBC has launched a new scheme which offers travellers commission-free travel money with free delivery when they order over £250 online.

Additionally, the company are offering online travel insurance from under £10. HSBC believes that these offers could save holidaymakers up to £50 million.

With Britain holding a 37 per cent stake in Europe's online travel market, currently worth around £11.8 billion, HSBC believes it can save travellers money because the bank's online travel services will charge no commission when changing money.

With an average holidaymaker exchanging close to £700 pounds for a trip abroad, the savings made when no commission is charged could be substantial.

John Nicholson, who is the head of travel money at HSBC praised the bank's new offer, stating that: "UK holidaymakers cite convenience and savings in cost and time as the key reasons for arranging a holiday online, and HSBC's online travel services supports all three.

"Our commission free online travel money, which is delivered free for online orders over £250, coupled with our competitively priced online travel insurance provide a convenient way of saving time and money that is quick and easy to arrange."

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