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Half term mayhem means pets and kids push home insurance claims to £100 million

17 October 2007
Parents could face huge bills this half term as their little monsters and pets cause havoc in the home with an estimated cost of £106 million in damages, according to Sainsbury’s home insurance.

More than 900,000 are likely to claim on their home insurance and thanks to the grim weather more children are likely to be cooped up indoors, further increasing the risk of something getting broken or damaged.

However, Sainsbury’s bank says that for every incident of damage caused to a home by the children living there, as many as three incidents of damage are caused by their friends. Steve Johnson, Head of Sainsbury's Home Insurance explains:

“A week of having your children at home can be a challenge in terms of keeping them amused and entertained. If the weather is poor and they have to spend more time indoors, the chances of your home being damaged in some way by them or their friends increases.”

The hot spots for areas where kids and pets can get up to maximum mischief and cause the most damage include: walls, carpets and flooring, furniture and windows and the garage, doors and electronic equipment.

Sainsbury’s are urging parents are being urged to check their home insurance policies to make sure they are covered for accidental damage to the home and contents in particular in the run up to the festive period, not just over the half term break.

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