Halifax: Friends make contents insurance vital

29 November 2005
Friends and their children will cause damage worth £1.12 billion to the homes of UK property owners next year - making contents insurance all the more important, says Halifax Home Insurance.

A survey by the insurance provider revealed friends and their children cause three million accidents in UK homes every year.

Despite this, seven million Brits do not have contents insurance and could end up paying the price of the accidents themselves.

A spokeswoman for Halifax said: "Homeowners could face paying out significant sums if they are underinsured, or have no insurance cover, because of their friends’ behaviour.

"Adequate cover can help people avoid disputes over damage to property and furnishings, which could otherwise cause rifts between lifelong friends."

Halifax also advises homeowners to stop well-meaning friends from repairing any damage, since over 140,000 friends and their children were injured last year in DIY attempts to fix their accidents.

Over the next year Halifax has estimated that so-called "Frenemies" will break over one million pieces of furniture, spill wine on soft furnishings and damage almost one million items of household items next year.

Details of Halifax Home Insurance policies can be found on their website or by calling the building society direct.

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