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Halifax: Homes under threat as winter returns

16 March 2007
The arrival of an unseasonable cold snap next week could put Britons' homes and gardens at risk of weather-related damage again, Halifax Home Insurance has warned.

According to Met Office forecasts, Arctic winds will bring snow and hail to the north and east of the UK, while temperatures across the country are set to fall by as much as ten degrees.

Although many homeowners may have let down their guard during the recent warm weather, while many species of plant bloomed earlier than usual thanks to the glorious sunshine, both homes and gardens could be in danger of severe weather damage in a few days' time, Halifax warned.

Frosts will bite in every region, heightening the risk of cracked pipes and related water damage to plaster ceilings, electrical writing and decoration in the home.

Homeowners and green-fingered gardeners should take precautionary protective measures, including lagging exposed water pipes and covering young plants sprouting in the garden, the insurance provider recommends.

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