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Halifax Travel Insurance exposes limits to spirit of adventure

25 June 2007
Britons like to play it safe when overseas, taking food, music and even DVDs with them to make their destination a 'home from home', Halifax Travel Insurance has revealed.

An unadventurous attitude to cuisine drives British holidaymakers to take the equivalent of 31.9 Boeing 747 jumbo jets full of food and drink on holiday with them every year.

Tea bags were the most popular export with 46 per cent of people taking them overseas, while beers spirited away to the beach took up the spatial equivalent of 6.6 jumbo jets annually.

Meanwhile, more than one in three people took British music with them and one million travelled with DVDs.

Getting cover for these more expensive items could avert holiday disaster, stressed Vicky Emmott, senior manager of underwriting at Halifax Travel Insurance.

"Travellers taking expensive DVDs and music abroad should … ensure that it is adequately covered should it be damaged in transit or stolen," she warned.

But even insurance cover can't protect Britons from the other ostensible peril of overseas travel revealed by the study, as holidaymakers start pining for home after just 9.4 days away on average.

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