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Halifax: get in shape after Christmas – but watch the china

30 December 2006
As minds turn to valiant New Year resolutions like getting in shape after an overindulgent Christmas, Halifax Home Insurance warns dedicated workout fans to beware the risks of vigorous exercise in the home.

It seems a quarter of a million Britons each year damage their properties and possessions while exercising at home, leading Halifax to dub them 'wrecksercisers'.

Just over 50 per cent of Britons apparently put their living rooms at risk by enthusiastically exercising among vulnerable sofas, coffee tables and TVs, while another 37 per cent endanger beds and wardrobes in the bedroom.

UK properties and contents have suffered damage to the tune of £125 million over the last five years thanks to 'wrecksercise', the survey shows.

"Britons risk paying out significant sums to replace items damaged while exercising," warned Vicky Emmott at Halifax Home Insurance, with average damage to property and possessions worth around £135.

The home workout craze which originated in the 1980s has enjoyed a renaissance with the popularity of latter-day heroine Jade Goody.

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